Jeffrey Juelsgaard

Jeff and Scott grew up together in Woodside and have remained good friends ever since, living only 3 blocks from each other in SF. When they are not playing tennis at Lafayette Park you can probably find them at Bus Stop

Zach Lagod

Zach and Scott met after college while living in San Francisco. Many late nights at Blondies and Hifi eventually paved the way to a strong friendship. Zach is a true competitor and the first person you want on your team in any boardgame or sporting event. Scott is looking forward to having him as a teammate on the wedding day.

Colby Quinlan

Colby is Scott’s de-facto brother. From 1st-Grade through Senior year of High School it was safe to assume wherever one was, the other wasn’t far behind.

Zach Rapoport

As Zach often likes to point out. He has the distinction of being Scott’s first friend. Born only months apart and living on the same street Zach has helped shape Scott into the person he is today.

Keenan Venuti
Keenan and Scott have forged a great relationship since meeting in 2016. They can usually be found at Venuti/Sheahan family functions exchanging sarcastic barbs. They are the current Meha Ball world record holders at an astonishing 24 catches achieved in Hawaii on December 25th 2019